Book United Airlines with Mileage Plus Miles – A Complete Guide

One of the best things about choosing to Book United Airlines for your travels is their amazing Mileage Plus plan. For domestic travels, united offers pretty much the same Award Miles redemption rates as most other carriers. But when you consider flying internationally – that’s where United awards plan really beings to shine. Their airlines alliance can get you to almost any destination across the globe; they offer great availability AND a lack of fuel surcharges on foreign partners. The sheer power and benefits offered under the United Mileage Program is jaw-dropping – probably the reason why most international travelers and frequent fliers tend to book United Airlines tickets for a majority of their trips. So if you too are planning to hop on board this bandwagon and make the most of your Mileage plus miles, this is where you can learn how to do it. Here is a complete guide to redeeming Mileage plus Miles when you book United Airlines tickets:

Book United Airlines with Mileage plus Miles: Types of Award Seats

United offers award seats in different configurations but, they can only be used on one-way flights. This means, when you book United Airlines, you will have to spend miles separately on your outbound and return flights. Another factor that you need to know is that if you pay for a seat with miles, you do not earn Frequent Flyer Miles for that trip. Now, there are two kinds of award redemptions that you can choose from:

  • Saver Awards: These are ultra-cheap seats, meaning that the number of miles required to get your desirable seat will be quite low. However, these seats aren’t that easy to come by and might not even be available for the flight you are looking to book.
  • Everyday Awards: These seats are more easily available but come with a higher price tag. If you are booking United Airlines and have Elite Status or hold a Mileage plus Credit Card, you can get unlimited access to book these seats – even if it is the last one on the plane!

Book United Airlines with Mileage plus Miles: Redemption options

For most people, the process to book United Airlines tickets using Mileage Plus miles can be a confusing process. There are just too many options available and it can be hard to figure out the pros and cons of each one. So here is how you can differentiate between the good and bad redemption options:

  • Bad Options: Any offer that allows you to book United Airlines tickets using miles redemption at a value less than 1 cent a mile aren’t worth it. Even the free hotel stays, club memberships, car rentals and gift cards that are offered as redemption options aren’t recommended as value-worthy.
  • Good Options: Any redemption configuration that lets you book United Airlines tickets at 1 cent per mile or more should be a value-worthy option. Another good way to use your earned Mileage Plus Miles is to get Class Upgrades for your bookings and enjoy better services on the flight without having to pay anything extra.

Use the above information to make the most of your Mileage Plus earnings when you book United Airlines tickets. Have fun on your next trip!


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